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U.S. Brand Protection & Trademark Seminar

April 9-12, 2018
Metropolitan Washington, DC

Who Should Attend?

  • Corporate general counsel and legal staff seeking an understanding of U.S. trademark law in order to properly protect their brand
  • International attorneys, agents, paralegals and trademark administrators looking to develop a thorough understanding of U.S. trademark practice
  • Advertising and marketing professionals interested in properly using trademarks in advertising copy and advising their clients about selection and proper use of trademarks

Trademarks: From Filing to Litigation

The U.S. Trademark Practice Seminar is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of trademark practice in the United States. Beginning with introductory lectures on the U.S. trademark system, the topics become more complex throughout the week, exploring advanced topics such as inter partes proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and litigation. Our knowledgeable lecturers draw from years of experience in the trademark field and focus on real life case examples. The seminar will provide the type of practical training that cannot be obtained from normal legal texts. In addition, questions and open discussion among the participants are encouraged. Prior experience with trademark law is not required, and participants with basic trademark knowledge will expand their understanding of more advanced topics. Since attendance is limited, we recommend that you register as soon as possible to reserve your space. Preference in registration will be given to BSKB clients.

In addition to the academic component of the seminar, BSKB strives to help our non-U.S. participants experience, enjoy and appreciate the American way of life and culture. Likewise our U.S. participants have a chance to explore the Washington, DC area and learn about the cultures of their non-U.S. classmates. Many friendships and business relationships are made during the course of the seminar that last long after the seminar concludes.

CLE Credit Available

Estimated 18 hours of Virginia CLE credit will be available. Participants can use the Virginia credit approval form to apply for credit in their respective states.

General Information

Classes will be held from 9:30 a.m. to approximately 4:30 p.m. each day, and lunch will be provided. Social events providing dinner will be held on Monday and Wednesday evening.

Registrations are due by March 12, 2018, and preference in registration will be given to BSKB clients and prospective clients. The cost for the 2018 Seminar is $1,250. This includes all lecture materials and the text book, lunches and social events.

Please contact BSKB with any questions.

Topics Covered

Fundamentals of Trademark Law

  • Creation and Maintenance of Trademark Rights
  • Conducting Trademark Searches
  • Categories and Strength of Marks
  • Proper Use and Promotion of a Trademark
  • Confusion Between Marks
  • Preparation of a Trademark Application
  • Prosecution Before the Trademark Examiner
    • Ex Parte Procedures
    • Substantive Amendments to Applications
  • Special Procedures for Intent to Use Applications
    • Amendments to Allege Use
    • Statement of Use Requirements
  • Preparation of Declarations
  • Madrid Protocol
  • Strategies for Avoiding Common Pitfalls

After Registration Procedures

  • Section 8 and/or 15 Declarations
  • Renewal Applications
  • Policing a Trademark

Advanced Topics

  • Practice Before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Licensing and Assignment of Trademark Rights
  • Inter Partes Matters
    • Opposition Proceedings
    • Cancellation Proceedings
    • Interference Proceedings
    • Concurrent Use Proceedings
    • Negotiation of Settlements in Inter Partes Cases
  • Litigation
    • Procedure in U.S. Courts
    • Substantive Issues in Trademark Cases
  • Developing and Protecting Trade Dress

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