Skyla A. Duncan-Jules, PhD

Technical Advisor


Skyla completed her postdoctoral research fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in molecular pharmacology studying the pharmacologic tractability of ceramide rich platform-mediated CD28 co-stimulation for advanced T cell activation and proliferation.

 Skyla completed her Ph.D. at Alabama State University in the field of Microbiology (dual focus in Immunology and Nanotechnology) at the Center of Nanobiotechnology Research Center (CNBR).  Her research focused on delineating the mechanisms associated with the regulatory role of SOCS proteins in the Interleukin-10 control of Chlamydia pathogenesis as well as encapsulating Interleukin-10 in PEGylated nanoparticles to harness and prolong its therapeutic effects for treatment of Chlamydial disease. Notably, she has received numerous awards for her research presentations and excellence in scientific writing locally and internationally. She has authored and co-authored 15+ high impact factor and peer review articles in prestigious journals such as Frontiers, Frontiers in Immunology, Frontiers in Microbiology, Nanomaterials, Nanomedicine, El Sevier, Expert Review of Vaccines, Biomaterials etc.

 Skyla is also involved with several Life Science organizations including the American Society of Microbiology, American Association of Immunologists, Chlamydia Basic Research Society, Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society, Earl Lester Cole Honor Society and the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.