Jason Rhodes is an associate specializing in the prosecution of patent applications and the drafting of new patent applications in a variety of electrical technologies. Mr. Rhodes also has experience in preparing appeal briefs and requests for pre-appeal brief review, reexamination requests and invalidity/infringement opinions. In addition, he has counseled clients with regard to contract and licensing matters and has delivered in-house lectures with regard to recent developments in patent law. In his role at BSKB, Mr. Rhodes has worked with clients ranging from large international corporations to individual inventors. He frequently visits the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to conduct personal interviews with examiners to expedite the prosecution of patent applications, and has conducted oral arguments in front of the Patent and Trial Appeal Board.

Mr. Rhodes has prosecuted patents related to browsers, mobile devices, operating systems, multimedia distribution and sharing, image capture and processing, monitors and display devices, computer networks, user interfaces, touchscreen interfaces, computer simulations, gaming, hearing aids, semiconductor manufacturing and refrigeration and air conditioning. In addition, he has drafted patent applications relating to browsers, monitors and display devices (including LCD technologies), systems and apps for collaboration among mobile devices, E-commerce systems and software, user interfaces and touchscreen devices, 3D image displays, image capture and processing, computer simulations, light-emitting diodes and aircraft lighting systems.

Prior to joining BSKB, Mr. Rhodes was a Patent Examiner at the USPTO, where he evaluated patentability of inventions relating to Artificial Intelligence technologies including neural networks, fuzzy logic, expert and knowledge-base systems, and evaluated patent applications relating to business methods including online advertising, online service/merchandise ordering, smart card technologies and financial planning computer programs. He also previously worked as a Computer Specialist for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Mr. Rhodes has practiced in the intellectual property field since 1996.