Catherine M. Voisinet began her career in the Intellectual Property field in 1998 as a Patent Examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examining applications in the field of Information Processing, System Organization and Error Detection/Correction. After her experience at the USPTO, Ms. Voisinet represented numerous national and international companies, from start-ups to Fortune 25 companies, as outside and in-house counsel.

During her tenure as Senior Patent Counsel at a Fortune 25 company, in addition to managing a large patent portfolio including complex electrical and mechanical technology, she represented the company’s interests in policy planning with the USPTO and foreign patent offices, managed integration of patent portfolios from acquired companies, and managed complex ex parte and inter partes matters.

Ms. Voisinet assists domestic and international clients having interests in many fields of complex technologies including computer science, electrical, mechanical, business method, and bio-informatics technologies. Ms. Voisinet assists her clients in planning their intellectual property strategy and obtaining patent rights for their innovation. This assistance includes planning claiming and filing strategies; conducting patent audits; conducting clearance searches; preparing freedom-to-operate opinions; and preparing, filing, and prosecuting domestic and international patent applications, nationally and internationally, through appellate oral arguments before the USPTO Patent Trials and Appeals Board. Further, she has experience in post-grant matters including preparing and prosecuting post-grant applications including reexamination and reissue applications, and preparing opinions analyzing patentability, patent validity, and patent infringement issues. In addition to practicing Intellectual Property Law, Ms. Voisinet has lectured extensively in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, including seminars at the Danish Patent Office, regarding various topics related to copyright, trade secret, and patent law including patent prosecution, litigation, and licensing.

Speaking Engagements

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  • Patent Law Institute 2020: Critical Issues & Best Practices

    PLI 2020: Live Webcast

    April 02 2020
  • New Trademark Developments and Rules in the U.S.P.T.O

    Trademark Day Sweden

    January 23 2020
  • Inter-Collegiate Licensing Association Winter Symposium

    ICLA Winter Symposium

    January 15 2020
  • Claim Drafting and Amendment Workshop Under EP and US Practices

    2019 JPAA Workshop

    November 01 2019


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