USPTO’s recent changes in its revised First Action Final Rejection (FAFR) policy appear navigable to Patent Practitioners

November 18, 2020
Presented By
  • Seth S. Kim

The USPTO recently revised Manual of Patent Examination Procedure (MPEP) Section 706.07(b) to impose a revised First Action Final Rejection (FAFR) policy that appears to make FAFR easier in certain situations because the basis for the Examiner to issue the FAFR appears to have expanded.

This seminar will review the changes to MPEP Section 706.07(b) regarding the FAFR policy, briefly explore the history of USPTO’s FAFR policy, try to discern where the new wording for the revised FAFR policy came from, explore potential problems of the revised FAFR policy, and explore possible ways to navigate the revised FAFR policy.

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