Law360 Article Features Advice from BSKB Partners James M. Slattery and John W. Bailey

BSKB partners James M. Slattery and John W. Bailey were featured in the recent Law360 article “Welcome To The Club: Advice From Old To New Partners.” Veteran partners were asked to offer advice based on their years of experience to those recently promoted to the role.

John Bailey suggests, “When a client has a complaint or concern — no matter how small, do your best to address it as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Don’t let it linger, and do your best to ensure the client is satisfied with your response. It is always easier to keep a client than to get a new one, as such, do your best to keep your current clients pleased.”

James Slattery advises, “If you meet a potential client, keep in touch with them. Send them an occasional note together with an article of interest to their particular business. You will be your best salesperson by meeting new people. Stay connected with friends and colleagues — referrals are your best clients.”

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