Post Grant Bootcamp

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Post Grant Bootcamp

June 29- July 1, 2020
Metropolitan Washington, DC

Limited complimentary passes available for corporate counsel. Inquire about availability.

Who Should Attend?

  • U.S. corporate counsel and private practice attorneys seeking instruction on post grant practice, such as inter partes review, post-grant review and reissue applications*
  • Patent attorneys and agents from abroad who are interested in developing an understanding of post grant proceedings*

* Participants should have basic knowledge of U.S. patent law or litigation. The Post Grant Bootcamp can be taken in conjunction with the Summer Patent Seminar, but each seminar requires a separate registration.

A “bootcamp” can be defined as an intensive training program for improving one’s skills in a particular subject area. The 4th Annual Post Grant Bootcamp (PGB) will start with a brief overview of post grant issues and will then take an in-depth look at post grant procedures at the USPTO (such as inter partes review, post-grant review and supplemental examination). The format includes lectures and hands-on workshops where participants will experience conference calls with mock Administrative Patent Judges, mock depositions and a mock final hearing. Participants will work together with the aim of improving their skills in the post grant world.

CLE Credit Available

Estimated 16 hours of Virginia CLE credit available, including 1 hour of ethics credit. Participants can use the Virginia credit approval form to apply for credit in their respective states.

General Information

Lectures are held at the Falls Church, Virginia offices of BSKB, in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. Classes generally run from 9:00am to 4:30pm daily. Lunch is provided daily, and social events providing dinner will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Detailed class schedules will be issued prior to the start of the seminar.

The fee for the 2019 PGB is $1,695, which includes lecture materials, lunches and social events. Upon registering for the PGB, you will receive an invoice and payment instructions.

BSKB has arranged a group rate for participants at a hotel within walking distance of our offices. Upon registering for the seminar, you will receive further information on housing options.

Registration for the 2020 Post Grant Bootcamp must be completed by May 3, 2020.

Please contact BSKB with any questions.

Topics Covered

Where and When to Litigate – District Court or PTAB Although the PGB will focus on post grant proceedings at the USPTO, and in particular on PTAB trials such as inter partes review (IPR), post-grant review (PGR) and post-grant review of covered business method patents (CBM), the interplay between USPTO proceedings and district court litigation will be discussed throughout the seminar. The various aspects of USPTO and district court proceedings will be compared and contrasted. Also, issues such as claim interpretation, discovery, estoppel, real party in interest, and filing deadlines as they relate to parallel district court litigation will be explained.

Post Grant Procedures Overview of various methods for correcting or attacking already issued United States patents including:

  • Certificates of Correction
  • Reexaminations
  • Supplemental Examination
  • Inter Partes Review
  • Post-Grant Review
  • Post-Grant Review of Covered Business Method Patents

Includes discussion and comparison of the pros and cons of using these different methods for the patent owner or the third party petitioner.

Post Grant Workshop Hands-on workshop featuring a mock problem and mock conference calls, oral hearings and deposition. Participant teams will determine which strategy to pursue based on the post grant procedures introduced in previous lectures.

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