Vanessa Perez-Ramos, Of Counsel at BSKB, supports patent prosecution in the areas of organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor manufacturing, steel products, and biology, among others.

Most recently, Ms. Perez-Ramos worked as in-house counsel for a global intellectual property management company. As in-house counsel, Ms. Perez-Ramos managed a portfolio comprising over 3,000 worldwide semiconductor-related patents and patent applications, and single-handedly prosecuted the entire portfolio for an extended period of time. As part of her responsibilities as in-house counsel, Ms. Perez-Ramos developed, coordinated and implemented filing, prosecution, reexamination and divestment strategies for the portfolio, achieving savings of over $1MM in less than a year, through strategic prosecution and divestment. Ms. Perez-Ramos additionally provided licensing support and conducted due diligence, prior art searches, legal review of claim charts, legal assessment of invalidity and non-infringement assertions and other pre-assertion and post-assertion activities.

Ms. Perez-Ramos is a former Patent Examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where she was assigned to Art Unit 1765 (semiconductor manufacturing via chemical processes). In her role as Patent Examiner, Ms. Perez-Ramos researched relevant technologies, applied technical and legal analysis to determine patentability of inventions, drafted Office Actions, and conducted Examiner Interviews.

Ms. Perez-Ramos also has experience as a Project Engineer with Amoco Company, where she managed optimization and troubleshooting projects for the company’s largest U.S. oil refinery, and as a Process Engineer with Abbott Laboratories, where she supervised the installation of Abbott’s first pilot plant in Puerto Rico, managed material and equipment procurement, and developed engineering design specifications.



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  • Patent Law Institute 2020: Critical Issues & Best Practices

    PLI 2020: Live Webcast

    April 02 2020
  • New Trademark Developments and Rules in the U.S.P.T.O

    Trademark Day Sweden

    January 23 2020
  • Inter-Collegiate Licensing Association Winter Symposium

    ICLA Winter Symposium

    January 15 2020
  • Claim Drafting and Amendment Workshop Under EP and US Practices

    2019 JPAA Workshop

    November 01 2019


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