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Shawn A. Hamidinia, Ph.D.


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Shawn A. Hamidinia, Ph.D.
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Shawn Hamidinia, Ph.D., specializes in patent prosecution in the fields of chemistry and life sciences. Dr. Hamidinia has experience in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the areas of signal transduction, genomics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, drug screening systems and inorganic chemistry. He has also conducted patentability assessments and presided over invention disclosure interviews. Dr. Hamidinia is a former Patent Examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and has practiced in the intellectual property field since 2005.

Articles & Presentations

  • Exposure to Enhanced Damages After Halo, World Intellectual Property Review, January/February 2017
  • Halo: A Fresh Approach to Enhanced Damages, World Intellectual Property Review, November/December 2016
  • Hamidinia, S. A., Erdahl, W. L., Chapman, Taylor, R. W., Steinbaugh, G., Taylor, R. W., and Pfeiffer, D. R., Monensin improves the effectiveness of meso-dimercaptosuccinate when used to treat lead intoxication in rats. Environmental Health Perspectives. 114(4): 484-493, 2006.
  • Hamidinia, S. A., Steinbaugh, G., Taylor, R. W., and Pfeiffer, D. R., Selective transport of Pb2+ and Cd2+ across a phospholipid bilayer by a cyclohexanemonocarboxylic acid-capped 15-crown-5 ether. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry. 100, 403-412, 2006.
  • Hamidinia, S. A., Tan, B., Erdahl, W. L., Chapman, Taylor, R. W., and Pfeiffer, D. R., The ionophore nigericin transports Pb2+ with high activity and selectivity: A comparison to monensin and ionomycin. Biochemistry. 43, 15956-15965, 2004.
  • Hamidinia, S. A., Shimelis, O. I., Tan, B., Erdahl, W. L., Chapman, C. J., Renkes, G. D., Taylor, R. W., and Pfeiffer, D. R., Monensin mediates a rapid and selective transport of Pb2+. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 277(41): 38111-38120, 2002.
  • Hamidinia, S. A., Wang, E., Erdahl, W. L, , Chapman, C. J., Taylor, R. W., and Pfeiffer, D. R., Transport properties of the calcium ionophore ETH-129. Biophysical Journal. 81, 3275-3284, 2001.

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