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Partners MaryAnne Armstrong, Ph.D. and Andrew Meikle to speak at FICPI’s 17th Open Forum

BSKB is proud to participate in the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys’ (FICPI) 17th Open Forum in Venice, Italy, October 25-28, 2017.

On October 26th, Partner MaryAnne Armstrong, Ph.D. will lecture on “Disclosures in the Grey Area”. This session will review the law and practice in various leading jurisdictions to examine when a disclosure in the “grey area” is not prior art, covering Internet disclosures, the automated generation of virtual chemical structures and many other examples. You may download Dr. Armstrong’s presentation slides via the FICPI Open Forum Programme page of their website (see link below).

On October 27th, Partner Andrew Meikle’s lecture will cover “Self-Collision: How to avoid shooting your client in the foot!”. This session will review how self-collision can arise in selected major jurisdictions and teach what strategies are available to applicants to ameliorate them. Mr. Meikle’s presentation slides are also available through the FICPI Open Forum Programme page of their website (see link below).

To learn more about FICPI, click here. For the working schedule and/or the presentation slides of FICPI’s 17th Open Forum, click here. For more news and updates about BSKB, visit our homepage or our news/resources section.