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Partners Marc Weiner and Eugene Perez to Lecture to INFOPAT in Tokyo

BSKB partners Marc S. Weiner and Eugene T. Perez will give a lecture to the Association for the Study of International & Foreign Patent & Trademark Laws & Practice (INFOPAT Association) in Tokyo, Japan on October 22, 2015. Mr. Weiner and Mr. Perez will discuss the following topics during their lecture:

Divided Direct Infringement

  • A Brief Introduction to Types of Patent Infringement
  • How Akamai Changed the Requirements for Divided Infringement
  • Directed Infringement for Personalized Medicine Patents: Eli Lilly v. Teva (2015)
  • Practice Tips for Patent Owner and Potential Infringer

Update on Post-Grant Proceedings before the USPTO PTAB

  • A Brief Introduction to IPR, PGR and CBM
  • Analyzing the PTAB Statistics on Institution, Settlement, and Final Written Decisions
  • Why the Accused Infringer Prefers a PTAB Trial Over Litigation
  • How the PTAB is Addressing Patent Owner Concerns (“Quick Fixes”)
  • How Congress is Addressing Public Perceptions with Patent Reform Bills