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Aligning Trademark Strategy to Meet the Challenges of the Internet and Social Media

Robert J. Kenney for Recent Trends in Trademark Protection


The largest growth areas for my practice over the course of my career have been in relation to consumer electronics and appliances and household products. In recent years, however, the demographic has changed in the number and nature of clients involved in web hosting, social media, webinars, and entertainment, as well as in pharmaceutical trademark clients. This is an indication of today’s trend of an increased number of clients becoming involved in protecting their trademark rights as part of building strong brands. When considering trademark and brand protection, specifically areas such as domain name and Internet-related issues and social media issues as they impact upon consumer electronics, pharmaceutical and entertainment-related trademarks have seen the most growth. These clearly track the shift and growth of consumer e-purchasing and consumer networking activity, as well as a growing concern for health issues. Because trademarks are designed to touch and influence consumer attitudes, feelings, and activities, they closely follow (or sometimes lead) the growth of consumer interest and purchasing behavior.

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